Hi there, I'm Amanda

a front-end developer and UX designer

My story

Imagination is the beginning of creation

When I was a little girl I loved to play with colors and just be creative. I've never lost that creativity, so the study Communication & Media design might have even chosen me instead of the other way around. During this study I noticed that I like to participate in the full development of a website, so from the user journeys and wireframes all up until the moment the it goes live.

My love for digital design and development made me join Competa IT, where I followed a training to be a front-end developer. Because of my study and this training I have both skills in designing and in front-end development. If you would like to have a look at an up-to-date list of my skills please have a look at my Linked-In!

In my spare time I'm always busy trying out new recipes, searching for new dream destinations or meeting with friends. Another thing I love to do is indoor climbing. I'm a very social person; I like being surrounded with people and love to learn from everybody.

My work

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